Debating on windshield repair or replacement? Decide here

Debating on windshield repair or replacement? Decide here

A car’s windshield is one of the prominent and important features on your automobile. It should always be in a top-notch condition so as to serve its purpose well. Windshield damage occurs from time to time and going by the severity of the damage, different methods are used to repair it. For residents and visitors to the southeastern part of the country, there are car service Newport beach CA at your beck and call for any type of repair your windshield may require.

Windshield damage is caused by several factors among them accidents, hailstorms, falling objects. Take quick action to set repairs in motion to avoid further damage and also to be safe on the road. The decision whether to repair or replace your windshield can be a tough one and we offer some tips on what to finally decide on.

Windshield Repair

This is as a result of damage that is mostly caused by cracks to the windshield.

Windshield Replacement

This is done when the windshield is irreparable. The technicians should always look for different alternatives before opting for this option as a last resort. When the crack on a windshield cannot be repaired at all, then replacement is the surest way to deal with this.

Stone Break

This is a very common windshield damage caused by a stone or debris impacting the windshield while on the road. Pieces of glass may come off depending on the impact. A chip repair is done for such damages and a replacement will be needed when the damage extends to cover a big area.

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Cracked Chip

This is a crack on a windshield from a single impact point. It is a small arc that can be repaired.

Combination Break

This is a combination of multiple forms of cracks on a single windshield. There may be cracked chips or stone breaks and can be severe. If they are not deep into the screen, a simple repair can work. If a big area is affected and the cracks are too deep, or a big portion of glass has to be removed, then a replacement is needed to fix this.

Bull’s Eye

This is where an impact point is large enough due to damage by a large object like a rock or big debris, causing a big circular impacted area or depression. A repair can work for a smaller impact area but if the damage is too much, then a replacement is necessary.

Edge Crack

This is a crack at the edge of a windshield or approximately two inches from the edge. It is prone to extend wide and normally requires a replacement to fix it.

Stress Crack

This is mostly caused by the changing weather patterns, hot and cold environments, and also the age of the windshield. This makes it more prone to cracks that would otherwise not form on a new windshield. Some cracks are repairable while others require replacement, more so if the whole windshield is stressed.